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Contact an agent for more information at 800-270-0249 or via email: midwestconferenceline@emypeople.net
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Conference Call Services - 24x7 Reservationless Teleconferencing

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Midwest Conference Line's web conferencing adds web control to our premier service through the use of internet scheduling and live control of conferences. The service is easy to use, requiring only a name, email and a password to receive your account. Once you have entered your name, email and password your free web account will be activated. You can schedule conferences, monitor live conferences and also schedule reoccurring conferences.  Your new web controlled conference line is available to you 24/7.  Each account accommodates 250 callers with no time limit.


Why Should You Use Midwest Conference Line?

-Full Web Control of Conference
-Schedule Reoccurring Conferences
-Ease of Use
-Full Featured Service
-Recording Capability
-No Application
-No Reservations
-No Conference Time Limit
-No Credit Cards
-No Bill

Conference Instructions

1. Get your Midwest Conference Line dial-in number and access code.

2. Inform your participants of the conference date, time and the dial-in number and access code.

3. Have the participants call the dial-in number and follow the prompts to enter the access code assigned to your conference.

4. Announce yourself at the chime and enjoy your free conference call. It's that simple.

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