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Q&A Mode

1.To use Q&A the Moderator must set the Mute controls to Strict. You must be in the "Calls" Tab to access this control.
2.This drop down list controls Muting options.

Strict mutes all participants and places the conference into the Q&A mode.
(Open is Unmuted, Relaxed mutes all participants but each participant can Unmute themselves by hitting *7)

The participant must hit *7 to raise their hand for a question. The system will confirm the request and prompt them to hit 1 to continue.

The system will display which caller(s) have raised their hands and it shows up in the Q&A column.
The Moderator will click on the right image to allow the participant to be heard and they will be unmuted and the image will change.
To place them back on mute the Moderator can click under Q&A or hit the Mute check box.
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