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Recording Playback Instructions

All you have to do is dial 1-712-432-3974 and put in the Conference Id for the recording that you want to listen. If there is only one recording for that Conference Id it'll play it for you. If there's more than one then you will be prompted to enter a reference number or 0 to hear the most recent recording.

In order to find out what the reference number is, you have to log into your web account and click on Conference Management then you would click on WAV Files. The name of the wav file (recording) has two numbers. The first is the Moderator PIN (which I definitely would not tell the public what it is) and the second is the reference number (like conf129352_17062.wav)

Moderator PIN 129352 corresponds to Conference Id 7613605.

So to listen to the wav file above you would enter Conference Id 7613605 and then reference number 17062.

Once in a playback the keypad assignments are:

*: gain up (volume)
#: gain down (volume)
1: back 3 seconds
3: forward 3 seconds
4: back 15 seconds
6: forward 15 seconds
7: back 120 seconds
9: forward 120 seconds
2: Start from beginning
5: Pause playback on/off toggle
8: Start from end of conf minus 60 seconds


Keypad for Playback Line Controls

Keypad Image

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