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Web Control Instructions

Subscriber View

1. To go to your profile screen
2.  To see your current conference
3.  To see the callers in your conference
4.  To get to your recordings or call detailed report
5.  To change your number of entries per page
6.  To get to your conference controls (displayed below)
7.  To change your refresh rate

Active Call

1.  To lock the conference
2.  To place the conference on hold
3.  To change the conference setting
  • open – everyone is allowed to speak
  • relaxed – enables question answer mode
  • strict – a presentation mode where moderators/hosts are able to unmute and mute themselves
4.  Turns Active Talker Notification off and on.
5.  Starts and stops the recording
6.  Caller phone number
7.  Dialed phone number
8.  Click to mute the individual
9.  Click to put the individual on hold

Recording Retrieval

1.  Select reports
2.  Select ‘conference reports’
3.  Select a start date and end date that would include your conference
4.  Select create
5.  Recording for a conference.  You choices are
  • hover over the icon for the reference number to be displayed
  • left click to listen over the web
  • right click and save as target to download to your machine

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