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Midwest Conference Line is committed to providing a completely automated - reservationless conference line. We hope that you, your family, community, and organization find it useful in your day to day life.

Midwest Conference Line is also able to block nuisance phone numbers from your conference calls.


Midwest Conference Line provides crystal clear conferences on an all digital network free to you. You pay only what your long distance company charges you per minute for a long distance call or your flat monthly fee.

Please use Midwest Conference Line in an ethical manner.


Is your family or your business associates spread out in several communities? Then call into a phone number with a Conference Id number designed specifically for you where everybody can talk on it.

Midwest Conference Line

What it is ?
It is a conference system that you can use for your family get-togethers, special church meetings and/or for your business, on one phone number with a Conference Id number designed specifically for you.

Because the conference line is subsidized by telephone companies, it is totally free for you to use except for your regular phone call.

Free Conference Call Services
Teleconferencing Reservationless - 24/7 access

Free Conference company provides you with instant unlimited automated and free conference calls that take place on regular telephone lines - no computer or internet access required! These conference call services are available 24/7 with no scheduling.

Midwest Conference Line Call Services provide:
All Digital Lines

Unlimited Conference time

Free recording and retrieval

Completely reservationless

No computer or internet required

Call from any phone line

Blocking of nuisance phone numbers from your conference calls

Here is what a Moderator can do
Hear menu of options
Return to conference from menu
Request operator assistance
Be able to see who is on the line in real-time via the Web
Lock Conference
Unlock Conference
Participant count
Allow to continue the call after the host hangs up
Discontinue the call after the host hangs up
Mute / Unmute self
Mute / Unmute all
Mute all, the callers can’t unmute themselves
Turn volume up/down on line by line basis
Turn volume on line up / down
Place on hold on line by line basis
Place all on hold
Disconnect on line by line basis
Disconnect all
Enable call recording
Turn entry tones on/off
Turn exit tones on/off

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Question & Answer Mode

Moderator Keypad

Mute/Un-mute Your Line *1
Raise Your Hand
(when in Q&A mode only)
Increase Conference Volume *6
Decrease Conference Volume *4
Increase Speaking Volume *9
Decrease Speaking Volume *7
Get Participant Count *0
Exit Menu *8
Exit Conference #

Additional Options for Call Moderator (separate ID):

Lock/Unlock the Conference (no new callers) *2
Mute/Un-mute All Participant Lines *5
Start/Stop Recording *3
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