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Moderator Keypad

Mute/Un-mute Your Line *1
Raise Your Hand
(when in Q&A mode only)
Increase Conference Volume *6
Decrease Conference Volume *4
Increase Speaking Volume *9
Decrease Speaking Volume *7
Get Participant Count *0
Exit Menu *8
Exit Conference #

Additional Options for Call Moderator (separate ID):

Lock/Unlock the Conference (no new callers) *2
Mute/Un-mute All Participant Lines *5
Start/Stop Recording *3


A sizzle call and an info call is basically the same thing. A sizzle call can be set up with several menus' (categories) on it.

For instance: your sizzle call could say "Thank You for calling this 24 hour sizzle call. Press 1 to hear about the company, press 2 to hear about the pay plan, press 3 to hear testimonies from different people" etc.

An info line would tell your people what the schedule is for the different conference calls or anything else for that matter.

The voicemail boxes will be coming out in the near future.

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